cost effective
way to get your business online

Webstart websites has been developed by lamontdesign, and is, as the name suggests, for new and small business who do not yet have any, or have a poor web presence. It's extremely cost effective but has everything you need to start promoting your business online - without compromising on image. We're so proud of our webstart sites, we've used one here to promote the product.

why promote my business online?

Well, websites offer many essential functions that will help sell your business. The most obvious of these are; getting noticed when customers search the web for the services you offer, or, if potential customers know of your business, you can be sure they'll want to find out more by looking online. Making sure you are well represented online can be the difference between winning and losing that customer.

well, hello.

Want to see one of our latest webstart websites?

Farmstead Fayre were looking for a small website to showcase their services to both business + residential customers. This is what we come up with for them ...

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